Uvasys on practice

Every grape grower knows that yield storage is as important as crop growing. I have been growing grapes for many years. Normally we were working “from the field to the market”. This approach worked. But it is more profitable to sell out of the season, so I began to think about long-term storage and sell off season

After reading tons of literature, visiting many sites and forums, I found information about Uvasys. According to the manufacturer, these sheets are made of laminated plastic that produces sulphur dioxide. It fights with the the main enemy during storage – grey mold.
I have decided to purchase a batch of these marvel sheets and test it. After following all recommendations on harvesting and packaging of the yield, the result was satisfying. After 3 months after storage, the berries were entire, not shriveled, the taste qualities were excellent, without any external smell. In general, the grape looked as if it just had been taken from the bush.
I can say that for the grape business, for the storage and sale of grapes, it is, by far,one of the most effective ways to store the harvest.

Agricolist-grape grower Detinenko R.I.